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  Deepened Distribution

The sales channel is traditionally figured as a vertical line of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers (more than one), retailers and consumers. In this mode, the order variance will be larger in every stage from consumers to manufacturers. This Bullwhip Effect indicates the overproduction and overstock. Apart from that, the profit of every player in the sales channel especially that of manufacturers will be cut down with the spread of the line. Nowadays, this sales channel performs a tendency to be horizontal and flattening with the development of shopping mall and E-Biz.

Different from the traditional sales channel, nowadays the logistics channel has been divided from the sales channel. Manufacturers and distributors are required to pay more attention to the logistics, thus, JIT distribution management will be a great option to enhance corporates'competitiveness.

Virtually, ordinary enterprises barely achieve the JIT distribution which has strong requirement on a network platform composed with well- placed warehouse, distribution center, inland transportation network, delivery network, IT support, a pool of high talents and etc.

All the issues are perfectly confirmed in the deepened distribution service by B&F. B&F provides a whole distribution procedure of processing, delivery, order management, to even settlement agency and etc. from warehouse to distributors, wholesalers (more than one), retailers even end-users via its mature and highly efficient distribution networks found in all major cities and highly developed transportation network in China.

Deepened distribution of B&F provides extra value:

 > Cost saving in logistics

 > Its integration of services in order management ,settlement agency with the distribution provides the manufacturers, wholesalers even end-users with a one-stop solution from management of processing to customer-tailored distribution.thus realizing the JIT distribution in the well organized procedure of warehouse, delivery, non-core affairs, settlement and etc.

 > The advanced IT platform of B & F can constantly update the marketing information to clients to promote the JIT production.



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