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  Losistics Outsourcing Service

To outsource its logistics or to be self-supportive, a corporation needs to decide on its strategic plan-whether logistics is the core in its business. (Corporations make logistics strategies about outsourcing or self-support according to whether the logistics is the core capability of the corporation. )Meanwhile, its capacity and self-run logistics cost should also be considered.(the management and logistics cost will be important factors to be considered.) For instance, some small entrepreneurs which focus on manufacture and sales are supposed to choose logistics outsourcing.

By outsourcing logistics, corporations can reduce asset size thus arranging more capital to enhance its core competitiveness. (Corporations will be able to arrange more capital to enhance the core competitive power on a small-scale by outsourcing the logistics.) In the meantime, logistics outsourcing will bring more benefits to both sides by speeding up the cargo freight, saving cost, reducing the capital temporarily occupied and etc.

B & F has gained over ten years' experience in the field of  international logistics including warehousing (bonded warehouse), international and inland transporting, custom declaration. It enjoys distinct advantages over services of  special cargo such as dangerous cargo, frozen cargo, bulk cargo , special-sized cargo and etc. B & F also provides relative trade agency service and financial service as well as the logistics service so that the efficient one- stop- solution strategy will be actualized to save great time and cost for its customers.








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