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  Marketing Outsourcing Mgm

B&F marketing outsourcing service covers much more than traditional one. In traditional marketing outsourcing, the contractor only takes responsibility of marketing and sales volume. While, B&F extends its service to inventory management, distribution and financing.

The deepened distribution service provided by B&F helps the manufactory achieve deepened sale. B&F has built a completed logistics network with DCs, Hubs around China, which link the manufactory with retailers/end user easily.

B&F marketing outsourcing services enable the manufactories to focus on their core business as technology improvement and product innovation, and finally make them achieve in flatting the marketing channel, decreasing inventory in channel, lowing the running cost, expanding market and then increasing the profit margin.

In traditional mode, the manufactory can only be paid after it delivers the goods to its customers. Thus, much capital is occupied by inventory, which increases the capital cost. And, this cost will partially transfer to the end users by increasing the price of the goods.

Under B&F
s mode, the property of the goods will transfer to B&F firstly, that is to say, when the goods are sent to B&Fs warehouse, B&F will buy the goods at the same time. B&F will quickly achieve in sale by price leverage and its own marketing channel. This is a tri-win business:
  > The manufactory receives money earlier and decreases its capital cost, meanwhile, the sales volume will be expanded rapidly, thus the producing capability will be improved.
  > The buyer will get the goods with lower price.


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